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Bad things, good people – the one word answer. 

Here is THE answer on why bad things happen to good people. And it’s only 1 word…

Seems like I’m not the first to ponder the god question.
Here are a selection of the answers that I received:

– parallel universes

– no god

– god is not good as we see it

– god suffers also

– doesn’t actually matter

…and many more.

Each answer deserves its own post in itself but in all cases the giver accompanied their answer by explaining that they also find their own answer unsatisfying.

What also surprised me was the number of religious people who voiced their own doubts and also irreligious people who demonstrated their own philosophies which were actually bas d on the fundamental of there being a god.

I am very aware that a large part of my readership is religious Jews and the question struck me whether it is actually surprising how much we question fundamentals of our religion and especially in comparison with the other main religions.

Correct me if I’m wrong but my impression is that in both Christianity and Islam questioning the existence or the judgement of god would be a three strike crime.

But yet religious Jews are allowed if not encouraged to question. Surely this goes against Rambam’s 13 principles of faith?

If you believe with perfect faith then why question?

Did temple time Jews also question the existence and decisions of god?

Questioning why bad things happen to good people is one of those non-starter as pointed out by the guy who literally wrote the manual on it, Harold kuchner.

We don’t have an answer and there is no answer that fits our logical understanding. When science doesn’t have an answer we call it god and that really is the answer here also…

Why do bad things happen to good people? God.

As thinking adults we tend to overthink things and generally over complicate them. Often because we are covering up our own misunderstandings.

So here is my question for you and look forward to hearing your answer in the comments:

Both from a psychological perspective and a logical and theological perspective how would you explain in simple words to an 8 year old ‘believing’ kid why he got cancer?

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